The Five Secrets
Of Communication
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How the 5 Secrets Work

In a nutshell, here are The 5 Secrets:

       Secret #1: Using your voice tone and body language to make every word you speak have power,  
       feeling and impact.

       Secret #2: Turning all the data and information you want to share into a "Lasered, Compelling  
       Message" that becomes a memorable mantra for the audience.

       Secret #3:
Helping you relax and connect with the audience by turning your speech or your 
       presentation, into a personal conversation -  one of the most powerful secrets of all great speakers.

       Secret #4:
Different people listen in different ways. This secret focuses on analyzing which of the
       4 Languages of Human Communication you speak fluently and which you don't. The DVD
       illustrates how to access "languages" you have not yet mastered, so you can communicate to
       anyone, no matter which languages they "listen" in.

       Secret 5#:
Helping you tap into your honest, authentic passion for your subject or idea.
       All of the other secrets are amplified by your own fascination with and commitment to your
       subject. No matter how dense, obscure or ordinary what you are talking about seems, there is a
       way to the heart of it that can make it come alive for your listeners.

The power of  The 5 Secrets DVD is in breaking down each of the secrets into easily understood and easily applied steps, allowing incorporating the techniques into both their personal life and their everyday personal encounters.

Some of the techniques on the DVD represent common sense used in uncommon ways. Others are the result of scientific research into how human beings communicate, developed over the past few decades and refined here into clear and straightforward language. And all of the techniques are presented in a manner that allows the viewer to practice them and put them immediately into action for all their communication needs.

Accompanying the DVD is access to a down loadable Workbook of lessons reviews, exercises and quizzes. The Workbook is divided into sections that parallel the DVD lessons. So the user can watch the video instruction, study the examples from President Obama's speeches, and then use the workbook to review the Secrets and take the practice exercises to help them master the techniques.


Dear Richard,
Thank you very much for the information.  It has been invaluable to my students and some of them have seen immediate results.  I showed the sections of the video to my classes of 11th grade American Literature students the week before final exams.  On final exam week the AP American History class had to deliver speeches.  One boy, Zakk, ran into my room out of breath, dressed in a blue dress shirt, a tie, and slacks.  He said he wanted to thank me.  When he caught his breath he told me his speech was voted the best speech in the class, and he said it was all because I showed the video to the class, gave them the workbook, and reviewed the secrets with them.  He said he used the secrets, the hand motions, the varying tone, and the straight posture to engage his audience.
I want to thank you for helping my students feel more confident in themselves.  These secrets are the things that most of the students do innately as speakers, but it makes a huge difference to point out the positives that they already possess.  Thank you.
Our students would love to hear you speak to them.  My colleagues would love to hear you speak.  I would love to hear you speak.  I would like to know how we can arrange for a speaking engagement at our school.  Please let me know what I can do to make this possible.

Thank you again for the materials.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Victoria Porraz
English Teacher
Granite Hills High School

22900 Esaws Road
Apple Valley, CA  92307

"Richard Greene is 'The Master of Charisma!'"

The Sunday Times, London

"I learned more from Richard - in 2 minutes - about perfecting my presentation skills than I did
by practicing for 22 years."

President, Toastmaster Internationals, 2002 -2003

"Richard Greene has the rare and wonderful talent for dissecting speeches. He pinpoints the often-overlooked secrets to success - the sites and circumstances: the phrasing, pacing, and cadences: the tricks great speakers use to forge emotional bonds with their audiences. When you explore a speech with Richard, it's like stumbling into a new world, filled with surprises, unexpected insights -- and fun."

Press Secretary, President George W. Bush, former Host, "Fox Sunday" and Fox News
Channel and speech writer for President George H. W. Bush

"Richard id the Phil Jackson of speech coaches. He fights for every word to be perfect, picks up every delivery nuance, and is relentless in his quest to bring the best out of everyone he works with. On top of that, he approaches his craft with exuberance and wit and makes it fun for everyone involved."

Former Chairman and CEO, ESPN, Former CEO, ABC, Inc

"Whenever there is a speech that we need to cover we love to call Richard Greene. He is great on TV, is able to point out fascinating things that no one else picks up on and, perhaps most importantly, makes speeches fun for our very diverse television audience. His segments are often the most compelling parts of our newscasts."

Former Assistant News Director, KCAL Television, Los Angeles


           To download a copy of the workbook please use the link below.