The Five Secrets
Of Communication
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 For Release 9 a.m. EST
March 12, 2009

New How To DVD Reveals the Communication Secrets
That Took Obama to the White House

Renowned communication coach teaches viewers
How they can use the techniques of Obama’s speaking power

      LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2009 – Futura Pictures, Inc, a producer of educational videos and materials, today announced the worldwide release of a new instructional DVD entitled The 5 Communication Secrets That Swept Obama to the Presidency. The DVD uses video examples of President Barack Obama’s most memorable speeches to illustrate five essential secrets of effective public and personal communication. Internationally acclaimed communication analyst and coach Richard Greene hosts the DVD and instructs in the system of techniques he created, The 5 Secrets of Effective Communication.

       The new DVD contains a series of lessons that teach people how to use the same communication techniques that President Obama employs and by doing so, to enhance both their workplace and personal relationships. To further help the viewers learn and adopt Greene’s approach to personal and professional communication, the DVD package includes access to a downloadable workbook of exercises and review.

       The Time Is Now…

       Mr. Greene has stated, “The current difficult economic conditions have created unbelievable stress for people, in their professional lives and their personal relationships. It’s more important than ever for them to be able to communicate effectively, both to stand out in the workplace and to better deal with contentious situations at home. I believe that by learning and applying these five secrets, people can dramatically advance their careers and improve personal interaction.”

       Mr. Greene added, “The hundreds of thousands of lost jobs have turned this into a buyer’s market for employers. The competition for jobs is intense, so jobseekers need every advantage they can get. Going into an interview confident of your communication skills, knowing that you have studied and mastered the same techniques that make President Obama a charismatic speaker, give you an incredible edge.”